Easter Holiday Fun Things To Do for Families

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Yo! Mr A and Mr C have been having a little chat. We've been thinking up some fun stuff for you to do this Easter. Well, Mr A has been doing all the thinking. And I've been running round like crazy getting everyone fired up.

We love Easter. Great time of year. Chocolate Easter eggs. School holidays. Spring weather on its way. New born lambs. Perfect. What's not to like.

To help you make it an egg-cellent Easter we've come up with a few fun things to do:

Countdown to Easter

Get your family egg-cited for Easter with this countdown idea. All you need is a couple of empty egg cartons (the larger the better). Get a dozen plastic eggs and fill them with different Easter treats, messages, jokes or silly forfeits. Decorate your egg cartons and put the plastic eggs randomly in them. Every morning in the run up to Easter, crack open an egg and celebrate being one day closer to Easter.

Hunt the egg

For an extra challenge, ask your mum or dad to hide the Easter eggs in the house and garden and have an Easter treasure hunt.

Decorate your breakfast

Take some felt tip pens and paint a carton of eggs with faces, patterns, Easter messages or decorate with your favourite Easter animal. Now boil your decorate your egg and serve in an egg cup with buttered toast soldiers. Yum.

Make an Easter egg cozy

All you need is a piece of felt. Cut two rectangular shapes out of the felt, each measuring approx. 3.5 inches x 4 inches. Round the top with scissors to make an egg like shape. Blanket stitch the two pieces together. Pop your boiled egg inside to keep warm or use to decorate Easter eggs on the day.

Make a great present

Fill an old glass jam-jar with mini Easter eggs, wrap with a ribbon, add a message tag and give to a friend or loved one.

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