Get to know Mr C from the Vitamin Gang

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Yo! It's Mr C. It's me. The Motivator. The little guy who gets everyone on their feet. Making the most out of life is my top priority. So here's some stuff about me:

What's your favourite food?

Anything fruity. I love oranges, strawberries and kiwi fruit best.

Top colour?

Red go faster stripes.

Best car?

Anything that can fit my skateboard in.

What do you like doing best?

Skateboarding with my mates.

What makes you groan?

When I've got to stop playing and come in to do boring homework.

Favourite animal?

Jaguars, because they're super speedy and the third largest cat in the world.

Who's your hero?

Olly Murs.

Best Sunny D drink?

Smooth California

Favourite subject at school?


Most likely to say...

"Seize the day."

Least likely to say...

"Can I stay in and watch TV?"

Top jolly joke?

What do chickens do at the gym? Egg-cercise.

Most loved fact?

California was the birthplace of the skateboard. The waves were too weak for surfing, hence the skateboard was born. A surfboard with wheels!

Sum yourself up in three words

Positive, energetic and athletic.

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