Get your day off to a great start with Sunny D's Smooth California

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Are you having a bumpy day? Things not going quite right? Perhaps you are really looking forward to the weekend and chilling out.

Sounds like you could do with a hit of smooth. Something tasty. A bit more zing. A bit more zip. An early taste of Friday afternoon maybe.

It's hard work being a 21st century kid – tough for parents too – mobiles clamped to your ear, technology that never sleeps, too much homework and far too much social media to keep on top of.

Relax. Chill. Have some Sunny D Smooth California.

Tasty. Refreshing. Citrus juice drink. Smooth. What's not to like?

We've blended the best oranges and limes to create a family-friendly juice drink. It's rich in A, C, D and E vitamins too. And in a handy one litre bottle it's great for keeping cool and on hand in your fridge.

Drink it straight from the fridge, over lots of ice, or make into ice-lollies and pop into the freezer for those moments when you just need an ice-cold Sunny D blast.

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