Happy 2015 from Sunny D

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Happy January. We're Sunny D and we've been keeping you on the sunny side with our juice drinks with vitamins for more than 50 years.

Sunny D was created in 1963 in Florida by Howard Dick and Phil Grinnell. Two great dads, they listened to what their kids wanted. Apart from banishing maths homework, grumpy teachers and cabbage, the kids were keen on an awesome great new orange juice drink.

Something with a great taste, a smooth texture and fruity flavours. A drink that has you walking on sunshine.

The mums were keen for it to be packed with added vitamins too. A full supply of daily reference intake of vitamin C. Today's kids are busy. School, sport, the latest music to download, homework, pals to catch up with. Life throws a lot at you. Mums want to know their kids are getting a full hit of great-tasting vitamins. Every day.

The liquid sunshine that is Sunny D was born.

Not surprisingly, word spread. Kids talk. Today we're sold all around the world. In 60 countries. From Florida to Great Britain to China. Wherever you see happy kids, you'll find Sunny D

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