Mr D introduces the Sunny D Vitamin Gang

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Hi! We're the Sunny D vitamin guys. Mr D, that's me. And my mates Mr A, Mr C and Mr E. We're a cool bunch. A sunny group. And we're looking forward to getting to know you better. First I'd like to introduce myself...

Mr D

Sort of the dad of the group. I pride myself on keeping an eye on the rest of the gang. The voice of calm when things get a bit crazy. Especially when Mr C gets a little bit too boisterous. Which he can often do!

I'm a good organiser and love finding out all the latest stuff that's going on like what's happening in the news, on social media or on the street.

But enough about me. There are three more of us I'd like you to meet.

First there's...

Mr A

He's a bit of a geek. A brainy Smurf type. Quite keen on being a scientist when he's older. Or a brain surgeon. Or a contestant on Countdown. He'd be good at that. Knows a thing or two. Fascinated by facts and figures.

Anyway, Mr A's charming. Thoughtful. Sensible. Bit annoying about eating your five-a-day and all that jazz. But his heart's in the right place.

Next up is...

Mr C

That's if you can catch him. He's a sporty lad. Never sits still. Ants in his pants. A busy bee. Extremely bouncy.

Our Mr C is always on the go. Positive, athletic and motivated, he's great at getting us going. Comes up with all sorts of activities and adventures to help us get the most out of life. He's really fun to be around.

Last but not least I'd like to introduce...

Mr E

Or should I say 'Mr Cool'. He's the opposite of Mr C. They're good mates most of the time. And when Mr C needs to chill, it's Mr E who will show him how.

Laid back, relaxed, mellow. He's a cool dude. He enjoys life – but at his own pace. Not Mr C pace. More of a weekend character, I think you're going to love him.

In fact, I hope you love us all. I hope you think we're ACE-D. Look forward to seeing more of you soon.

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