Sunny D Orange and Mango

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Give a big welcome to our new Fruity Orange & Mango drink!

Be the first to enjoy the healthy taste of exotic mangos, the new super-fruit, ripened on sunny trees then juiced with care just for you. Mango is known for its many health benefits and the naturally sweet and soft yellow flesh bursts with sunshine zing. Combined with the fresh sweet flavour of ripe and juicy oranges, Sunny D’s new drink is a little taste of tropical heaven.

It is the perfect refreshing drink to give to your family, a refreshing flavour hit. Sunny D’s Orange and Mango contains a balance of the exotic sweetness of soft fruity mango and the zesty flavour of tangy orange. Try it today, the new taste sensation that will be loved by both children and adults at any time of day or night.

We haven’t added any artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners. Just one hundred percent sunshine for the taste of a summer full of laughter and good times with your family and friends. Try putting some in the freezer for a slushy on hot summer days. Or swirl it up with single cream and freeze for a sophisticated dessert. Or how about mixing it up with this season’s number one fizz – Italian Prosecco – for the new party cocktail to impress your guests, ‘The Sunny Delight’.

Enjoy a sunny future with new Sunny D Orange and Mango!

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