The Sunny D vitamin characters are coming soon!

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It's nearly time. They're on their way. We're really excited about them. In fact, we can't wait to show them to you.

The Sunny D vitamin characters are coming soon.

We've spent months lovingly creating them. Building their personalities. Kitting them out in their favourite gear. And they're nearly ready to show you.

But we thought you might like a sneak preview. A taster. A glimpse of what's – and who is – to come.

So. Drum roll. Here we go. We'd delighted to introduce our vitamin A, C, D and E characters.

First, it's our A character. He's the Geek. The thoughtful one. He loves facts and figures. Can sometimes be a bit annoying but a good person to know.

Next up, it's C. Athletic, sporty and energetic, he's full of beans and a bit of a cool dude in his back to front cap.

Time for Mr D. Our hero. Optimistic, happy and confident he's a great guy to have around. He'll keep you up-to-date with all the Sunny D news.

Last but not least, it's E. Mr cool, he's laid back, mellow, likes to operate at his own pace. Sometimes gets annoyed with fast moving full-on C.

We think you'll like them all. In fact, we think you may identify with some of their traits. Look forward to introducing them to you soon. And hearing what you think.

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