All about Cats

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The Sunny D team has put together a list of ten crazy cat facts. Did you know...

Cats really do land on their feet

Cats don’t have collarbones. Also their bones are very flexible. This allows them to fit through really small spaces, and may have led to the idea that cats always land on their feet. 

Cats were worshipped as gods in Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians really loved cats and worshipped them as part of their religion. When a cat died they held a funeral then put them in the family tomb. 

Cat fur cannot be completely cloned 

The world’s first cloned cat was created in 2002. Called cc, she is not an exact copy of her mother, Rainbow. That’s because the multi-coloured pattern on a cat’s coat is determined by events in the womb, not by genes. 

Cats hold many world records

The world’s largest litter of kittens – 19 in total - was born in 1970. The longest domestic cat is Ludo at 118.33cm long, measured on 6 October 2015. The longest whisker on a cat measured 19cm and belongs to Missi, a Maine coon who lives with her owner in Finland. 

Cats can be extremely rich

A cat called Blackie was the richest cat in the world. When Ben Rea died in May 1988, he left a fortune to Blackie. He left seven million pounds to be divided between three cat charities, with instructions to look after his beloved pet. It is not known how Blackie left his fortune when he died. 

Cats have no sense of direction

Why do you see photos of lost cats pinned to lampposts? It’s because cats notoriously have no sense of direction. They leave the house and can’t find their way home again. 

Cats drink sea water

Unlike humans, cats have amazingly efficient kidneys which can filter the salt out of water. That means that they can drink sea water without any ill effects (though only in moderation). 

Cats sleep. A lot.

Kittens sleep so much because that’s when their bodies release growth hormones. Adult cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours during daylight hours. But they make up for it at night!  

Cats run Disneyland

When night falls in Disneyland, about 200 cats come out to play. They’ve lived there for decades (with sightings as far back as 1955) and are allowed to roam free to keep the mouse population down. 

Cats cool down using their paws

The heat bothers cats just like any other animal but they can’t sweat because they are covered in fur. So they sweat through their paws. A frightened cat may even leave a trail of wet footprints on the ground.


One of these crazy facts about cats isn’t true! Can you guess which crazy fact the Sunny D team has invented?