All About Star Wars

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“May the 4th be with you!” Did you know that 4th May is officially known as Star Wars day? In a very unscientific survey, nine out of ten people who love Sunny D also said they are Star Wars fans. Read on for some fascinating trivia you may not know about Star Wars and Sunny D.

In April Disney started work on the 14-acre Star Wars attraction known simply as ‘Star Wars land’ at Disney World in Florida. Of course Florida is ‘the sunshine state’ where Sunny D was first produced from delicious juicy oranges. At Star Wars land visitors will be able to fly the Millennium Falcon, take a boat trip through a Star Wars setting, and immerse themselves in the Star Wars films.

Star Wars branded apples and oranges appeared in the shops last year to coincide with the release of the new Star Wars film. None of these oranges were used in the making of deliciously refreshing Sunny D.

The voice of Yoda was done by puppeteer and actor Frank Oz (born 1944) who also did the voice for Miss Piggy in The Muppet Show and Cookie Monster, Bert, and Grover in Sesame Street.

Before Star Wars, Lucas made THX 1138 in 1971. It is set in the future when humans lives in vast underground cities and everyone is forced to take drugs that control human emotions.

The Jabba Palace sequence in The Return Of The Jedi took one month to film. It involved 42 extras, 18 principal cast members, 10 puppeteers, nine mime artists, 90 crew members and who knows how much tasty Sunny D to keep everyone on their toes.

An army of Wookiees was originally intended to help out on Endor in The Return Of The Jedi, but they ended up as the smaller furrier animal known as the Ewok.

During the filming of The Phantom Menace Ewan McGregor made lightsaber sounds that had to be removed in post-production. 

The Return of the Jedi had the working title of ‘Blue Harvest’ in order to keep curious fans from attempting to get on the set. The title was later used in the Family Guys Star Wars spoof. The working title for Episode II was ‘Jar Jars Big Adventure’.

Episode III of Star Wars contains over 2,200 digital effects shots, more than the total of Episodes I and II. All the clone sequences were created using CGI. No clones have ever been involved in the making of delicious Sunny D. 

Harrison Ford was paid $10,000 for his performance in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. 

On Star Wars Day in 2015, astronauts in the International Space Station watched Star Wars. They may also have been enjoying an ice-cold glass of zingy, fruity Sunny D.

Luke Skywalker was originally going to be named Luke Starkiller. The character had this name until filming began, and then it was changed to Skywalker.