All About Sunny D

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Way back in the last century, two dads in Florida were walking along the beach discussing their kids, as fathers do. Their names were Howard Dick and Phil Grinnell.

Florida is known as ‘the sunshine state’ for a reason. The sun shines nearly every day and the oranges there are super-juicy and delicious.

“I wish my kids would drink more orange juice,’ Howard (may have) said to Phil. “I don’t want them to drink soda all day. But they don’t like the ‘bits’ and they complain it’s too tart.”

“We should make a new kind of orange drink,” Phil suggested. “A drink with all the goodness and taste of Florida sunshine that the kids will love.”

And so Sunny D was created, bringing a splash of Florida sunshine around the world. Fifty years later we are still keeping it sunny with our delicious juice drinks.

Fast-forward to the 21st century

Today Sunny D is enjoyed around the world. The Sunny D Super Team have a talented group of tasters and tinkerers who love to come up with new ideas - just like Howard and Phil. 

We wouldn’t dream of messing with the original. Why fix what ain’t broke? Tangy Florida is still our classic creation. But we took the spirit of Florida and added some modern touches. Today you can also choose from Juicy Orange Passion, with an extra exotic twist, and Smooth California, smooth tasting and bursting with flavour. 

What’s next?

Keep an eye on Facebook and be first to hear about future plans. Our favourite part of the job is talking to you. You tell us what you like. And what you don’t like! You don’t hold back. We like that about you.

You choose the fresh sweet taste of Sunny D for zip and positive energy. You tell us it’s important to you that Sunny D contains vitamins A C D and E. There are no artificial colours or preservatives added. You know your family is enjoying the sweet sunshine goodness of a drink that’s also bursting with taste.

Quench your thirst and power up your zest for life. Whatever the occasion, whatever your mood. No matter what life brings next, you can be sure of a sunshine moment with Sunny D!