All about the Orange

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Here at Sunny D headquarters we roll out the bunting in the month of May, as it includes National Orange Juice Day (4th May), so raise a glass of Sunny D and toast all things orange with us!

Did you know…

The first orange ever

Oranges do not grow in the wild. The first orange came from China in 400 BC where it was cultivated as a hybrid of the tangerine and the pomelo. So we have been eating oranges for over 2,000 years!

A journey to Florida

As oranges are rich in vitamin C and keep very well, explorers from Europe took oranges on their ships to help prevent scurvy. They planted orchards of fruit trees along their trade routes. The first orange trees were planted in Florida in 1513 by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León as orange trees grow best warm climates. All these years later we are still keeping it sunny with our delicious Sunny D juice drinks. The sun in Florida shines nearly every day so it is known as ‘the sunshine state’ and the oranges there are super-juicy and delicious.

More than 600 species

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits around the world. There are actually over 600 different varieties. The taste ranges from the juicy supersweet oranges that we pack into Sunny D, to sharper tasting Seville oranges used for making marmalade. The oranges we use in Sunny D are known as ‘white’, ‘round’, or ‘blond’ oranges.

Fruit and all

The rest of the orange tree is useful too. Orange wood sticks are used in pedicures and manicures because the wood does not splinter or absorb water. Orange flower petals are used to make orange flower water, a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking. The flowers and leaves of Bergamot orange trees are dried to flavour tea. And orange peel is used by gardeners to keeps the slugs away!

Which comes first, the fruit or the colour?

The world ‘orange’ comes from the Persian word ‘narang’ which dscribes the colour. Arabs later traded the fruit and spread the word all the way to Spain where ‘naranja’ became the Spanish word for orange. In Old French, the fruit became "orenge" and this became English, eventually describing both the fruit and the colour.

Oranges are good for you

People have been enjoying the nutritional benefits of oranges for centuries but it was not until the 20th century that orange juice became a popular breakfast drink. Today Sunny D combines delicious oranges with a unique blend of citrus fruits, so whatever the occasion, whatever your mood, you can be sure of a sunshine moment with Sunny D.