All about the Sun

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The sun is the most important part of the solar system. Without it, our Solar System would be cold and dark.

As well as holding all the planets in their positions it gives us all light and heat.

Here at Sunny D, we love the sun. In fact we love it so much it inspired us to create Sunny D!

Our geeky Mr A is full of sunny facts. Here's some of his favourite:

  1. Unlike the earth, the sun is not solid. It is a huge ball full of fiery gasses.
  2. The sun is made of the gasses hydrogen and helium. The sun burns by turning hydrogen into helium.
  3. The sun is the hottest thing in the solar system. It reaches an amazing temperature of 15 million degrees centigrade.
  4. The dark patches on the sun are called sunspots. They are areas of gas which are cooler than the rest of the sun's surface. They are much bigger than our planet.
  5. Without the sun there would be no life on earth. Humans, plants and animals all need the sun's heat and light to survive.
  6. Our sun is actually a star. Just like the stars we see in the night sky. It's much brighter than the stars we see because we are closer to the sun than to other stars.
  7. You can tell the time of the day by the shadows cast by the sun.
  8. Light from the sun reaches earth in just eight minutes.
  9. The sun is about 865,000 miles wide and its diameter is about 110 times wider than the earth's.
  10. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon is between the sun and the earth.

"Never look at the sun. It is far too hot and bright for human eyes."

Mr A's sunny shadow challenge: With a friend, try chalking around each other's shadow in the playground. Stand in the same place and draw round your shadows at different times of the day. How does your shadow change?