Brighten Up Winter Skin

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Winter can take its toll on our skin, with central heating and cold weather causing dryness and red patches. Follow these easy beauty tips to bring some summer glow to your dull winter skin!

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Central heating dries out skin very rapidly and even if you use a moisturiser in the summer, you may need to change your skin care routine in the winter. Use a milder cleanser to avoid irritating skin further, and moisturise two or three times a day. Immediately after showering while your skin is still damp is a great time to moisturise, as it helps to seal that dampness into the skin.

Oil is Good

A moisturiser that is oil-based, rather than cream-based, is useful as it creates a protective layer on the skin, retaining more moisture. Many creams labelled 'night-cream' are oil-based. Using oil directly on your skin is great too, though it can be messy! Try almond oil or coconut oil.

Flushed Skin

Your skin may be very flushed and red in the winter, caused by blood rising to the surface of the skin, dilating capillaries, as your body tries to warm up. Wrap up when you go out, including a scarf to protect the lower half of your face from harsh wind. Avoid too much alcohol and spicy food, which can make the problem worse.

Don't Take a Long Hot Bath

In the cold winter months it can be very tempting to soak in a hot bath. But hot water can dry out skin even more. If you have dry itchy skin, try a warm (not hot) bath with a spoonful of baking powder added. It's best to wash your face in lukewarm water, to avoid stripping away too many oils.

Exfoliate Every Week

Keep your skin looking fresh and bright by exfoliating once a week, to remove dead skin cells and make sure your moisturiser can really do its job. But avoid exfoliators that contain ground nuts or apricot kernals which may make your skin feel temporarily softer, but can cause damage in the long run. And never use an exfoliator containing microbeads which are polluting the sea and killing fish. Instead use natural ingredients like sugar or oatmeal, or even just a good old-fashioned flannel.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is the best way to ensure you are looking at your best in the winter. While you are asleep the cells in your body are repaired and regenerated, and long winter nights are the perfect time to catch up on some sleep.

Ask for Specialist Help

If you suffer from very dry or red skin in the winter, check with your GP or pharmacist. They may be able to advise on specialist creams.