Bring the spark back to your relationship

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February is all about romance. But if you need to bring the spark back to your relationship why not try some of our ideas for Valentine’s Day or indeed any day of the year.

Turn over a new leaf

Revive the new and exciting feeling that you had when you first met your partner. Think about how to make the time you spend together fresh and different. There’s a limit to the amount of times you can go to the cinema followed by the pub! Try cooking new food together, making new friends, or even just visiting a different cafe. Challenge each other to try out new things or sample each other’s hobbies. If he’s never gone to yoga with you, teach him the downward dog. If she rolls her eyes when you head off to football, invite her along with you.

Alphabet date night

Each week take turns to choose a new activity to enjoy together, based on a letter of the alphabet. A is for… antiques shopping. B is for… bike rides. C is for… comedy club. Z is for… Zumba class! One person does the research and the planning. The other person is in for the surprise, knowing that the following week it’s their turn to plan.

Turn up the romance

Watch the sun set together. Yes it’s corny but holding hands and looking at a wonderful view together will bring you closer together. Prepare a special meal and eat together by candlelight. Make something meaningful to both of you, like that paella you ate on holiday in Spain. Write a love letter telling your partner what you love about them. Include your favourite memories of times you’ve spent together. Turn off the TV and listen to music together. Ban all screens and mobile phones from the bedroom and concentrate on each other.

Awaken your inner child

Even if you have children yourself, it can be fun to act the kid. It will remind you of the earliest days of your relationship when you probably goofed around more than you do now. Pick up a Frisbee or football, pack a picnic and head for the park. Get a load of paper and paints and paint a massive picture together. Have a food fight. Play silly games like Snap or Snakes and Ladders, with prizes (kisses) and forfeits (kisses). Head for the nearest fair or amusement park to eat candy floss and scream your head off on the roller coaster, then win the prize of a very large cuddly toy for your sweetheart.

Volunteer together

They say the couple that plays together stays together, but how about the couple that volunteers together stays together? Reaching out to help others makes you both feel good, allows you to discover shared values, and cements your place in the local community. It will also create a closer bond between the two of you. Try asking about volunteer opportunities at your local school, food bank, library, or drop-in centre.