Funny facts for mums

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What kind of a mum are you? A cool mum, a fun mum, a strict mum (eek!), a happy mum? The Sunny D team have come up with some funny truths about mums.

  • You will lose at least one sock in every wash. We have no idea where they go or what they get up to, but disappear they will. Never to be seen again.
  • After having children, you will be able to shower, wash and dry your hair, throw make-up on and get dressed for a night out in less than ten minutes. It's amazing.
  • You will realise why friends who had kids before you were so useless at keeping in touch.
  • You never get to the end of the list of jobs to do. Some weeks it may be best to just bin the list.
  • Your child will be sick on you when you have nothing else to change into.
  • Your child/partner will always ask for a tissue on a long car journey when you have none in your pocket. They will then sniff for hours.
  • Said child will always ask embarrassing questions in an extremely loud voice when lots of people can hear. The grounds never opens to swallow you up.
  • You will pack everything your child needs for a weekend away – and then forget your own toothbrush and pyjamas.
  • You still keep a baby photograph in your wallet – even though your child is now a teenager. And deeply embarrassed by said picture.
  • You're superhuman some days. You can keep going even if you feel poorly, tired, exhausted or a bit weepy.
  • You will be a bit sad to give away clothes you're child has grown out of. You might even secretly keep a favourite outfit to remind you of when they were little.
  • You will wonder how your mum friends who don't work do it.
  • You will wonder how your mum friends who do work do it!
  • You will find cereal in strange places.
  • If you've got teenagers, you will brace yourself before picking up their trainers, uncurling a crusty ball of sock, opening a PE bag, entering their bedroom or looking under the sofa where they've been sitting while secretly munching their way through endless snacks.