Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Winter

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Autumn is upon us. The hint of bonfires in the air is a reminder that it’s time to dig out jumpers and coats, for winter is coming. Follow our Sunny-D tips to spruce up your winter wardrobe and feel on top of the world.

Sift and shift

Sift through all your winter clothes and shift what you don’t wear. Seriously, will you ever wear that old coat that never fitted properly, or the Christmas jumper your aunty gave you? Be ruthless. Take anything you don’t wear to the charity shop, or sell it on ebay. In particular, anything unworn with tags on it will sell in a flash.

Pack up your summer clothes

Don’t have summer clothes cluttering up your wardrobe all through the winter months. Instead roll them up to store, ready for next year. If you have a suitcase that only comes out for holidays, why not store your summer clothes in it? Or if space is limited, try vacuum storage bags that take up less space. Make sure everything is clean and throw out anything you haven’t worn this year!

Simple storage

Measure the space under your bed, or on top of the wardrobe, and buy some sturdy storage boxes. Boxes with lids keep the dust off. Use them for shoes, belts and other accessories.

Double and triple up

Hangars with clips are really useful because they allow you to store more than one skirt or pair of trousers per hanger. This is particularly helpful for bulky winter clothes and frees up lots of space in your wardrobe.

Mind the gap

Once you’ve got your existing wardrobe organised, work out what you still need. Think about a capsule wardrobe rather than several cheaper items that you may not wear after this year. It’s useful to have a really good quality coat, jacket, dress, and trousers. Then ring the changes with shoes and accessories. Once you’ve identified the gaps, head for the shops!

Suited and Booted

If you need specific clothes to work, or wear a uniform, now is a good time to make sure you have any winter items that you may need. Stock up if there are gaps. If your clothes are organised it will help you to get dressed faster in the mornings!

Wildlife alert

Moths are on the increase, due to warmer homes and less scrupulous cleaning habits. You may discover that the little critters have been munching away at some of your winter clothes! They also like carpets, and even leather. Hoover regularly, to get rid of the larvae, and spray affected areas with anti-moth products. You also need to wash all your clothes, and ideally put them in the freezer if you have the space.

Inside and out

Don’t forget your actual wardrobe. Once you’ve emptied it and sorted out all your clothes, give it a good clean. This will keep the moths away and seeing the back of your cupboard again is very good for morale!