Going on Holiday? Packing Tips: plus the things you really don’t need!

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Going on holiday? Follow our advice about what to pack, and what not to pack, and travelling will be a breeze. No more sitting on your suitcase to close it! Sunny D is available in many different countries, though the handy small bottles are perfect for a cool refreshing drink on the move.

Passport, tickets, money

The three essentials. If you are travelling on a budget airline, print out boarding passes for your return flight before you leave home. You’ll need your driving license if you are planning to hire a car.

Prescription medications

Depending on where you are going it’s easy to pick up basic first aid remedies. But specific medications may be restricted to prescription-only so bring what you need. Don’t forget any allergy or asthma remedies which can be difficult to get hold of in a hurry.

Chargers and adaptor plugs

Pack essential chargers for any electronics you are bringing (phone, iPad, digital camera). If you already have them at home, bring adaptor plugs for the country you are visiting. Yes you can buy these when you arrive but it’s easier to take them with you, and adaptor plugs can cost a fortune at the airport or station.

Here comes the sun

Hats and long sleeve t-shirts are essential when it’s really hot. It’s worth packing them rather going shopping the moment you arrive. Consider protective sunsuits for very small children as their delicate skin burns fast. Suntan lotion and mosquito repellents can often be bought locally.

Dump the clutter

We all tend to pack too much then regret it when we are lugging heavy bags around. So banish all those ‘just in case’ items. Your luggage (and your arms) will thank you for it.

Extra toiletries ‘just in case’

Pour a week’s worth of shampoo, conditioner or facewash into smaller bottles rather than packing a large bottle. If you use 100ml bottles you can take them onto flights. Or buy what you need when you arrive. You’re very likely to find your favourite brands on sale in local shops and if you don’t, then experiment with a new shampoo. The same goes for make-up.

A few favourite snacks, not the whole kitchen

Yes going on holiday is all about trying out new things. So don’t take the entire contents of your kitchen! But it does makes sense to take a small supply of your favourite drinks and snacks for the journey, or if you are self-catering on a budget. Sunny D is available in handy plastic bottles so you can easily pack a bottle or two for a taste of the familiar while you’re away.

Too many clothes

Check the weather at your destination then be ruthless. Lay out everything you are planning to take, then get rid of at least a third. Don’t take clothes you haven’t worn before. Tried and tested is best on holiday! If you’re going on a beach holiday you’ll spend most of the time in swimwear anyway.