How to have a healthy Christmas

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It’s so easy to overindulge at Christmas. We’ve all been there. We stagger into January feeling unhealthy after too much eating and drinking, and not enough exercise. Use the Sunny D team’s wise advice to steer you through this season of temptation!

Stay hydrated

Big night out? Drink plenty of water before and afterwards. If you are drinking alcohol then alternate with a glass of water or fruit juice. Dehydration can give you a headache, the last thing you want at a Christmas party. Next morning, drink a glass of Sunny D to get your day off to the perfect start, and eat a good breakfast.

Snack alert

It can be easy to overeat at Christmas when confronted by a generous buffet or overzealous relative! Fill yourself up on vegetables, and go easy on the snacks like sausage rolls. If you know there will only be snack food then have something to eat beforehand, to avoid grazing. A healthy snack like a piece of fruit, bowl of muesli or piece of toast will stop you hoovering up all the crisps!

Get your vitamins

In the winter it is particularly important to maintain a balanced diet and make sure you are getting a good intake of vitamins. Sunny D contains Vitamins A, C, D and E, great for boosting your immune system, and its sunshine zing will have you sailing through the winter months.

Fresh air and sunshine

Make sure you get out of the house every day even if it’s just a quick walk round the block. Even better, head to the park or beach with the family and shake off the cobwebs. While it might be tempting to lie on the sofa and snooze, you’ll feel the benefits of exercise, and sleep better at night too. Why not plan to meet a friend or neighbour at a certain time and exercise together, that way you are less likely to back out!

Remember it’s your holiday too

Some people find the holiday season very stressful and that doesn’t help with overall health. Stress may even contribute to a lowered immune system. So make some plans beforehand. Talk to your partner about how to share the load of buying presents or cooking. Don’t try to do too much. Plan some relaxation time into your schedule. Tell the family that you need some ‘me’ time and take yourself off for a few hours.


Of course many people do catch coughs and colds at Christmas, but there are a few simple things you can do to try and avoid the germs during the holiday season. If you’ve been outside at work, or on public transport, wash your hands when you come into the house. Talk to your GP about having a flu jab. Don’t have the central heating on too high. Not only will you save money but central heating reduces our defenses against colds. Make sure you have enough sleep. If you are out partying late then try to catch up on sleep the following night.