Save Money at Christmas – Get Ahead Ideas

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We’ve all done it. Despite our best intentions, it’s easy to overspend at Christmas. The Sunny-D team has put together this list of five sizzling ideas to help you plan ahead, so you won’t regret anything when January comes around.

Plan your present list

Avoid impulse shopping, which inevitably leads to spending more than you intended. Instead sit down and write a list of people to buy gifts for, and think about what to get them in advance. Then you can do some research and choose wisely. The same goes for feeding your guests. It’s easy to buy too much food and drink at Christmas. No one wants to be eating mince pies in the middle of January!

Lay down the ground rules

As more people feel the need to budget, it can be helpful to discuss Christmas presents with your family and friends. Put the emphasis on spending time together, rather than spending lots of money. You may agree as a family that you won’t exchange gifts this year, or have only one present per person, or set a price limit. Some families decide to only give presents to the children, or have a ‘Secret Santa’. This is when you draw a name out of a hat, and everyone buys only one gift for a particular person.

Do your research online

If you know you want to buy a particular item, check online to see where you can get the best prize. Use comparison sites and leave yourself plenty of time to order so that it arrives well before Christmas. Shop around and avoid delivery charges. Check cashback sites before you order to see if there are any extra discounts to be gained.

Check out the sales

Some retailers have started having sales before Christmas. A really big shopping day is Black Friday, a phenomenon that has crossed the Atlantic from the US. It’s the day after Thanksgiving when shops traditionally have a flash one-day sale. This year Black Friday is 25 November so look out for some great offers as some online sites may slash prices.

Remember the vouchers

Many people have unused vouchers lying around which they have forgotten about. Now is the time to hunt them out. These may be gift vouchers from an online retailer or local shop, or credit notes if you’ve returned a purchase. Don’t forget to use make the most of any points on supermarket loyalty schemes too.