Summer Beauty Tips

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Summer is here! Make the most of it with our handy beauty tips to keep your hair and skin in tip-top condition.

Waterproof makeup is your friend

On a beach holiday when you are in and out of the water, the last thing you need is streaky makeup. It’s time to invest in waterproof mascara and eyeliner which will keep your makeup intact throughout the day.

Travel light

Transfer your favourite beauty products like shampoo, conditioner and body wash into smaller bottles. That way you won’t be lugging large bottles around. Lighter bags mean you may be able to take your bag as hand luggage if you’re flying. Check with individual airlines about hand luggage restrictions.

Drink up

It’s important to stay hydrated in the summer when temperatures rise. This is particularly important if you are exercising, when water loss increases. So drink plenty of liquids. A super-smooth and tasty bottle of Sunny D is perfect for rehydrating.

Here comes the sun

When the sun finally puts in an appearance it can be tempting to make the most of it. But make sure you are wearing sunscreen. Nothing ages skin faster than too much sunbathing. For your face, use a daily moisturiser with an SPF of 15 or greater. Check the labels on last year’s suntan lotion, as it may no longer be effective.

Banish the frizz

If your hair tends towards frizz in the summer, what with sunshine, sand and sea, cut back on shampooing. This allows your hair to regain its natural oils. Shampooing once a week is plenty. At other times just use water to rinse away grime.

Softly, softly

In hot weather avoid unpleasantly chafing skin by dusting your thighs with baby powder. It’s also useful for sprinkling into trainers.