Ten of the Best Apps for Busy Mums

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Mums are busy people and the 21st century is a crazily busy time to live. Are you having a bumpy day? Things not going quite right? Perhaps you are really looking forward to the weekend and chilling out. Sounds like you could do with a hit of smooth. Something tasty. A bit more zing. A bit more zip. An early taste of Friday afternoon maybe… Don’t worry! Sunny D team has rounded up a list of the best apps to help you organize your time and make your life easier. 

To Do Lists

There are loads of different apps that help you remember what needs doing. Try Wunderlist and To Do for the iphone, Any.Do for Android phone, or the simple but effective Remember The Milk, for Android and iphone.

Make Time To Play

Play is very important to a child’s development. This app helps with ideas and inspiration to get your children playing. It is updated regularly with play activities for kids that encourage imaginative and exploratory play.


Hate hanging on to get through to a call center? This app does the waiting for you. Just dial the number (any UK number starting 01, 02, 03, 0800, 0808 or 0500). Once you're in a queue for an agent, press 9* to disconnect your phone from the call. The app reconnects you automatically the moment the agent answers, saving you money – and frustration!

NCT Babychange

This free app is perfect for parents with children still in nappies as it will instantly direct you to baby changing facilities nearby. You can add new facilities that you find and rate places on cleanliness. Remove the stress of finding a baby change room in a hurry when you’re out and about.


If you regularly buy or sell on Ebay, get their handy free app to make sure you never miss out on a bargain. It’s packed full of features that make it easy to manage your Ebay experience.


This is the most convenient way to pay for parking. Simply add in the location code and parking duration. You can extend the time if you need to.

Voucher Codes

Great if you are on a budget, this app gives you easy access to the VoucherCodes.co.uk website which lists voucher offers from all over the UK, including special deals made direct with retailers. You can set reminders to make sure you use the voucher before any expiry date.


Evernote is a giant filing cabinet, the place to store web pages, photos, scans, inspirational ideas, recipes, in fact anything at all. Available for iphone and Android.


This free app helps you manage your weight, and log exercise, by keeping track of what you eat. It gives you access to a large database of food, including ready-meals. It calculates how many calories you need depending on your height, weight, activity level and weight goal. There is a premium paid-for version for extra nutritional information.


Want to feel like a domestic goddess? BrightNest keeps track of domestic tasks, with cleaning tips and home decoration ideas. It can be customized, for example if you have pets. Free and available for iphone and Android.

These apps will help you save time not to mention stress – leaving you to relax and enjoy a refreshing glass of Sunny D.