Cooking with your Children

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The Sunny D team have come up with loads of great ideas to get children of all ages helping out in the kitchen!

Kids love to eat. And they love to cook!

There are loads of simple things that everyone can do in the kitchen, but do keep a close eye on children when they are using knives, graters and the oven.

Little children will enjoy mixing a cake. They can also stir sauce into pasta or dressing into a salad.

Everyone loves rolling out pastry. Use ready-made pastry or make your own. Roll it out to make biscuits and jam tarts. Use a bottle if you don't have a rolling pin.

Younger children can use a plastic knife to cut butter, soft fruit like strawberries or a peeled banana, or soft vegetables like mushrooms. They can also learn how to mash potato with a fork.

Older children can use a grater, peelers or a knife.

Sunny D Orange Cocktails

Add fruit to Sunny D and make your very own cocktails. Here are some ideas to spark off your imagination!

Try adding…

  • Slices of cucumber
  • Strips of lemon and orange or strips of peel
  • Whole blueberries or raspberries
  • Sliced strawberries
  • Mint leaves

Add a cocktail umbrella, some ice cubes and a glace cherry. Serve and enjoy!

Sunny D Fruit Juice Ice Lollies

Dilute half and half Sunny D with water. Fill ice lolly moulds and carefully put them in the freezer.

Or try mixing different flavours of Sunny-D! Fill half the mould with Tangy Florida Sunny D and freeze it. Take it out of the freezer, pour in Juicy Orange Passion Sunny D, move the ice lolly moulds back to the freezer and leave to freeze. Yum!

Top Tips for Cooking with Children

Take your time. Everything takes longer when you are cooking with the kids. Don't worry about producing the perfect meal, just relax and have fun. The journey is as important as the destination!

Read the recipe together. With older children, you may want to read through the recipe together first, to work out what needs to be done, and make sure you have all the ingredients. With younger ones, you can explain as you are going along.

Expect a lot of mess. That's all part of the fun. But you might want to limit the chaos by putting newspaper or a plastic tablecloth down on the floor.

Plan ahead. If you need to get the evening meal on the table it may be sensible to have some ingredients ready in advance.

Wear the right clothes. Don't be afraid to mess around! But do find an apron for your child or even a towel or tea towel tucked into their clothes, and tie back long hair.

Safety rules in the kitchen

Always wash your hands before you start cooking.

Clear up any spills straight away.

Ask an adult before using the oven.

Be very careful using knives, graters and peelers.