Ten Unusual Sandwiches

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Did you know that here in the UK we eat our way through 11.5 billion (yes, billion!) sandwiches a year? Ever since the Earl of Sandwich first asked for some meat served between two slices of bread, we’ve been eating sandwiches at every meal, even breakfast. National Sandwich Day is on 3rd November so here are ten of the best sandwich fillings known to humankind. Why not try them out? Best washed down with a refreshing glass of Sunny-D of course.

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

Many people’s favourite sandwich of all time and everyone has an opinion on the perfect recipe. The basic principle is hard boiled egg, mixed with mayonnaise or salad cream, and maybe cress or even watercress. Spread liberally onto bread.

Ham and Cheese

Okay so this sandwich maybe suffers from its popularity. We’ve all experienced a disappointing, stale ham and cheese sandwich. But avoid processed meat and cheese and go for the real thing, you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Tuna Salad Sandwich

It’s basically impossible not to include the classic tuna salad sandwich on this list. Some people add sweetcorn. These days a more sophisticated version is the tuna melt. Often served on ciabatta, this is when tuna fish is topped with heaps of grated cheese, and melted under the grill.

The Club Sandwich

The history of this particular sandwich is shrouded in mystery but the most popular theory is that it was invented in 1894 at the Saratoga Club House in New York. Toasted bread, chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise all held together with toothpicks. Not to be confused with the BLT.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Another classy number. The bread must be brown and cut extremely thin. The butter (never margarine) must be spread thinly and evenly. The salmon must be lightly sprinkled with black pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Crusts on or off? That is the question.

Bacon and Egg Sandwich

The perfect fry-up sandwich, and known across the nation as a hangover cure.

Fish Finger Sandwich

Rated by Jamie Oliver as his favourite sandwich ever. Cook the fish fingers (we recommend frying in butter for an extra treat) and sandwich between two hunks of bread. Great with some real tartare sauce.

Steak Sandwich

We are getting fancy now. Typically a steak sandwich is the kind of thing you’d have in a restaurant, probably served in French baguette rather than slices of bread. Made well it is a delight.

Prawn Mayonnaise Sandwich

This tends to be a sandwich you buy, rather than make, and for a while it overtook the tuna salad sandwich in popularity. However it’s really easy to put together your own. Just mix together mayonnaise, ketchup and lemon juice and add the prawns.

Cucumber Sandwich

Forever associated with the British summer. Arguments about how to make the perfect cucumber sandwich will rage on forever. Do you peel, salt, butter, cut into triangles? This sandwich can be a soggy dull disaster but made well there is nothing better.