All about Sunny D

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It's August and one of our favourite times of year. The sun is shining, schools are out for summer and we're feeling happy.

Here at Sunny D we thought you might like to know a bit more about us and how we've been keeping you on the sunny side with our vitamin based juice drinks for more than half a century.

It all started in 1963. In Florida. Sunny D was created by two great dads, Howard Dick and Phil Grinnell. They listened to what kids wanted and came up with Sunny D – just an awesome great new orange juice drink.

Kids loved it straight away. They wanted a drink with a great taste, a smooth texture and fruity flavours. A drink that has them walking on sunshine.

Mums liked it too – especially as all our drinks contain vitamins. Every one of our healthy juice drink flavours contains 15 per cent juice and added vitamins A, C, D and E. You could say we've ACED the taste. Oh! And there are no artificial colours or preservatives added to any of our juice drinks. That's as important to you and your kids as it is to us.

The liquid sunshine that is Sunny D was born.

Today, Sunny D is sold all around the world. In 60 countries. From Florida to Great Britain to China. Wherever you see happy kids, you'll find Sunny D.

This year we launched our cute new vitamin characters. Here's a bit more about them and why we think they're fab…

Mr A – He's a bit of a geek but we love him for it. He's known for coming out with random facts and figures – the sort of stuff that makes the other guys stop and think. For a little while. Before they get on with what they're doing. A bit squeaky – he's working on that – but thoughtful and kind.

Mr C – He's now known as the motivator for nothing! Mr C is a full on action-paced little guy who loves to be busy. He's so sporty and can't wait to get outside and come up with new things to do. He's got lots of ideas and enthusiasm and does his best to get the team – especially chilled out Mr C – doing good stuff.

Mr D – The leader of the pack, Mr D is a bit of a father figure to the rest of the vitamins. He loves to keep you up-to-date with all the Sunny D news. He's a calm little guy, optimistic, happy and confident and just great to have around.

Mr E – Or Mr Cool as he likes to be known by his pals. He is so relaxed and he likes to operate at his own pace. So sometimes Mr C drives him a bit crazy with all his dashing around. He's a good balance to the rest of the gang and is guaranteed to come up with a cool solution to any problems they might be having.