An introduction to Scooters & Scooting

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Do your children scooter to school? Over recent years, children's scooters have really grown in popularity. According to a survey, the number of British kids regularly scooting to school has doubled in the past two years.

Scooting is great fun and an excellent way for kids to get around.

We had a chat to scooting experts at who hold scootathons to encourage kids aged 4-8 to scoot, bike and run in a fun twist on the traditional adult triathlons. Here's their guide to how to prepare your child to scoot:

1. Spin the wheels of your scooter to make sure they go round easily and do not stick.

2. Check that the wheels do not wobble from side to side.

3. Push the scooter's brakes. The wheels should stop going round.

4. Check the end of your handlebars have their grips secured properly – otherwise it could be dangerous if you fall on them.

5. Check your height adjustment lever is secure.

Scooting is healthy, sustainable, safe and fun – which is why more and more children and adults are taking up the habit. For those children who are confident on their scooters and are looking at ways to improve their skills, consider this:

Scooting Tips

1. Do make sure you know how to operate the scooter; learn the correct technique for stopping your scooter (that doesn't involve dragging your foot along the floor). Always use the brake to stop.

2. For those confident on a traditional scooter they make enjoy a "joystick" style handlebar it gives an extra challenge to scooting. Many children describe having this style of handlebar akin to "surfing" the pavement.

3. Improve your reaction times and dexterity by setting up a scooting course. Weaving in and out of cones, completing loop the loop, or negotiating bumps in the road can all help improve your standard of scooting.

4. Head up, hands placed firmly on the handlebars, foot as close to the front of the scooter deck as possible, smile and have fun!

For more advice on scooting safely, to find the right scooter for you and to find inspiration and suggestions on how to decorate your scooter visit

If you've not tried out a scooter yet, what are you waiting for? And if you want to enter any scootathons then you've got to check out for events near you.