Easy Ways to Save Money

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Change utilities suppliers

Many people pay way over the odds for their gas and electricity. Use a comparison service like Go Compare or MoneySuperMarket to check whether you can save money on bills. It’s easy to change suppliers if you find a cheaper deal.

Take your own lunch to work

Just £3 a day on a sandwich may add up to over £500 a year. If you don’t have time to make lunch every day, try it just for one or two days at first to get into the habit. Ring the changes by drinking a different kind of Sunny D each day. Choose from Smooth California, Tangy Florida and Juicy Orange Passion. You can also check out our offers page.

Don’t be a boy racer

It can be tempting to drive fast but driving more slow will dramatically save fuel – and money. According to the AA, driving at 80mph on the motorway is not only illegal but uses up to 25% more fuel.

Shop in the sales

Get organised and buy birthday and Christmas presents in the sales, then hide them away. If you are really organised, buy Christmas cards, crackers and decorations in the January sales too!

Sell old mobile phones and CDs

Got a cupboard full of mobile phones or other electrical goods that you no longer use? Or old CDs and DVDs that you don’t watch? Sell them at a computer exchange shop. You save even more money if you take the value as a credit voucher to use at a future date.

Quit, quit, quit

Yes, you don’t need us to tell you that smoking isn’t good for your health. But it’s terrible for your bank balance too. Smoking five cigarettes a day will cost you around £876 in a year according to the NHS calculator. That’s nearly £5000 over five years.

Switch supermarket

Your favourite supermarket may not necessarily be the cheapest. Use a comparison site like Mysupermarket [www.mysupermarket.co.uk] to see where the deals are. Try out own-brand products which taste the same but will save you money. If you have storage space then bulk buying when there are special offers can save you even more money.

Hire for a special day

Got a big event coming up? Rather than splashing out a fortune, look at hiring a designer dress via sites like GirlMeetsDress.com.

Press the off switch

Leaving electrical appliances on stand-by costs you money. Turning off appliances when not in use can save around £80 a year on your electricity bill.

Ditch the takeaways

Swap that weekly takeaway for a homecooked meal (see our recipes pages for inspiration) or ready meal from the supermarket. Or get together with friends and take turns to cook.