How to Build the Perfect Snowman

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The right kind of snow

Yes, we’re not joking, you do need the right kind of snow for building a snowman. It should be slightly wet. If the temperature is really cold the snow dries out. If it’s too fluffy or powdery it won’t stick together. The perfect conditions are when the temperature is about zero degrees and the snow has just fallen. Just woken up and it snowed during the night? Get outside and build that snowman! Test for the right kind of snow by scrunching a couple of handfuls together and seeing if it makes a ball that holds together. If you need to, spraying the snow with a little water will make it stick better.

A perfect spot

Choose a flat area that will be a good base for your snowman. Don’t try and build your snowman on a hill or it may slide down. The best spot is slightly shady, perhaps under a tree. That way your snowman will take longer to melt.

From head to toe

Gather up a small ball of snow in your hands. Pack it together well with your hands. Go on adding snow until it’s too large to hold. Roll the ball across the snow and it will pick up more snow and grow in size. This is the base of your snowman. Roll the snow ball over to where you plan to build your snowman. Place it securely and pack more snow around the base to make sure it won’t move around.

Repeat the same process to form a second small ball. When it’s the right size, flatten the base slightly so it will reset securely. Sprinkle some softer, unpacked snow to act as ‘glue’. Lift up the smaller ball and place it on top of your snow base. Pat down gently to stick the two balls together. That should be enough to make it all secure. Cold weather will do the rest.

You can stop there, so the second ball becomes the snowman’s head. Or you can repeat the same process again, and form a third even smaller ball as the head.

Stick man

Now you need to bring your snowman to life! Find two sticks of a similar length to be arms. Even better if the sticks have small twigs at the end that look like hands. Give your snowman eyes. Lumps of coal are traditional but small stones work just as well. Make the mouth in the same way, using small pebbles. Use pebbles to make a row of buttons, or even real buttons if you have any you don’t need. You’ll need a nose, of course, traditionally made of a carrot. And how about a scarf? If you want to get more creative, add a woolly hat, beads or old jewellery. Don’t hold back on the accessories.

Your snowman is complete! Sit back, admire, hope that the freeze holds for a while. And reward yourself with a delicious Sunny D treat.