Learn how to ride a Segway

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Do you want to learn how to ride a Segway? These top tips from the Sunny D team will teach you how to ride safely and have fun!

Always follow these simple safety tips when riding a Segway. Best of all, learn from an experienced user or instructor.

Getting Started

Adjust the height of the handlebar

Before you start, make sure you have adjusted the handlebar. You loosen the height adjustment collar by turning it anticlockwise. The handlebar should be just above your elbow, while you are standing on the floor. Turn the adjustment collar clockwise to tighten it again.

Power up

Put in the Beginner Key and practice turning the power on and off in Beginner Mode. A green smiling face means the Segway is in Balance Mode and ready to ride. Check that the Segway is in Balance Mode by slowly moving the handlebar forward and back and making sure that the wheels respond.

Step onto the Segway

You'll need your instructor or friend at this point to hold the Segway securely by the handlebar. Carefully place one foot on the platform. Practise raising the other foot and putting it down. The Segway may move backwards and forwards so you want to learn how to keep it steady. You need to practise until you can step onto the Segway without it moving! Stay calm and relaxed, and make sure you look forwards. Slowly step off, keeping the platform level.

Starting to Move

When you feel confident stepping on and off, slowly lean forward and feel the Segway move. Then stop leaning forward and feel the Segway slow down and stop.

Practise going forwards and backwards. Take it slowly!

Try the Steering

Once you feel confident going backward and forward, try riding while slowly and smoothly turning the steering grip. Keep your knees slightly bent and lean into the turn. Continue to practise the techniques of starting, stopping and moving forward and backward.

Five Tips for Safe Riding

Wear the right clothing

Put on a safety helmet, and preferably clothing with padded knees and elbows. If you are riding at night, you need to wear a high visibility jacket.

Start off with a friend

Have someone with you who knows what they are doing. They can hold onto the Segway when you first step onto it.

Keep on solid ground

The Segway is designed for paved surfaces. Any sudden change of surface, like going from pavement to grass, can cause balance problems.

Don't ride on roads

It's illegal to ride the Segway on a road, so always get off and use power assist mode.

Don't make sudden manoeuvres

Start and stop slowly. If you move suddenly you may tip off, and turning too fast can end up with you losing control. Only go backwards if you are doing a manoeuvre to turn around.