Mini Kids Garden

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Has your child grown out of their wellies? Don't throw them away. Instead, why not turn them into a mini kids' garden!

Making a welly garden is a great way for children to learn how plants grow. They're also really easy to look after. Planted out wellies make great gifts for grandparents.

Here's what you need:

An old pair of wellies – or several if you've got a few hanging around so you can make a display by the front door.


Plant of your choice – bulbs such as daffodils or crocus are good and herbs are great too – mint, lavender, rosemary, thyme. You can also try growing your own strawberries in them or flowers such as daisies or pansies.

Stones or pebbles

Waterproof labels

How you do it:

Clean and dry the wellies. Remove insoles and ask a parent to make drainage holes at the bottom of the wellies.

Line each welly with some stones or pebbles and then add the compost. Fill each welly almost to the top.

Plant your bulbs, seeds or herbs at the top. Add more compost. Write what you have planted on a waterproof label and push into the soil.

Lightly water each welly.

Place wellies in a sunny spot and water regularly.

It's amazing to see plants growing from seed - just make sure that the owner of the wellies has finished with them before you make them into a garden!