Spotlight on an Activity Feng Shui

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Ever wondered what feng shui is and how it can transform your home and even your life? Follow these simple tips from the Sunny-D team and prepare to be amazed.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, prounounced 'fung shway', has been practised by the Chinese for thousands of years. Followers of feng shui look at how the objects around us affect the flows of energy in our living environment. They believe that our surroundings have an impact not just on physical comfort but physical and mental health, relationships and success in the world.

Five Natural Elements

In Chinese feng means wind and shui means water.The elements in feng shui are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal, and a feng shui practitioner use these five elements together to ensure the energy of a home or work place is in balance. Elements can also be evoked by the use of colour, for example a red wall to represent fire.

Flow of Chi

Where your doors and furniture are positioned is crucial for healthy 'chi', which means the flow of universal energy around your home. Imagine water flowing in through the front door. Will it move smoothly and nourish all the areas of your home, or will it be blocked, perhaps by an obstruction at the front door?

Feng Shui in the bedroom

The average person spends many hours in their bedroom, and followers of feng shui believe the right positioning of your bed is crucial for a good night's sleep. Ideally, you should try and place the bed away from the door. This prevents the flow of chi rushing over your bed while you are asleep. Don't place your bed opposite the door. This is called coffin or dead man position because when you lie down your head or feet are pointing towards the door!

Don't hang a mirror opposite the bed so that you can see your face. The mirror acts as a window and allows chi to escape as you sleep. In fact feng shui masters recommend covering any mirrors in the room before you go to sleep.

Tidy Space, Tidy Mind

Japaense decluttering expert Marie Kondo has written a cult book called 'The Magic of Tidying' that has been a world-wide success. She believes that's impossible to be free to live an orderly, happy life when you are hampered by clutter, whether it's old clothes you don't like or no longer fit, gifts that you have never used or kitchen equipment that is gathering dust in the back of a cupboard. Let it all go, she says, lose the clutter, the guilt and the burden of unwanted stuff, and you will live a happier, lighter life. If you can't decide whether to keep an item, hold it in your hand and ask 'does it bring me joy'? If the answer is no – yes, you guessed it, out it goes. Enjoy the peace and orderliness that tidying brings.