10 things to do on a Sunday

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Stuck for what to do this weekend? Here are some fun, silly and downright crazy ideas to get you started.

1. Wash the car (ask Mum or Dad first)

2. Make cupcakes

3. Sing out loud

4. Make an obstacle course in your garden and run a time challenge to see who can do it the fastest

5. Lie under a table and make animal noises

6. Learn a poem

7. Make every picture crooked

8. Give your mum a squash and a squeeze – and tell her you love her

9. Leave jokes in random drawers round the house

10. Draw a tree

Mr C loves the obstacle course idea - in fact, he's timing himself to see if he can beat his personal best! Mr A's learning FIVE poems, and Mr E's making cupcakes. What are you doing?