Car journeys with children

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It's the summer holidays and there's nothing worse than having a car packed with bored children asking 'are we nearly there yet?' barely five minutes since you left home.

To help put the fun back into long car journeys the Sunny D characters have come up with their top tips to keep kids happy in the back seat.

1 Make sure iPads are fully charged.

Download any movies the night before. Have a strict rota if devices are to be shared and give each child a copy.

2 Play car cricket.

Split your family into two teams. Each time you pass a car you get 2 points, a motorbike gives you 5 points, a lorry gets you 10 points, a 4x4 is worth 5 points and a soft top car is 8 points. Keep a running tally of your score. You are out when you pass a Ford car. The second team is now in.

3 Make sure you have a bag of treats on hand, especially if you're travelling a long distance.

A packet of sweets, lots of chilled Sunny D to keep you refreshed, a packet of new pens and paper, a favourite football magazine or comic – you need a stockpile of things to keep children amused, happy, and thirst-quenched.

4 Tap into your child's creativity and get them to invent a story.

If you have a packed car, why not pass the story around the car. After a few sentences from one person, the next person has to move the story on. You could offer a prize for the best story – but make sure runner-ups are rewarded too!

5 If you have internet savvy children ask them to research the place where you are visiting and come up with some ideas for what they would like to do.

Kids love getting involved in the decision making – and are pretty good at coming up with fun ideas.