Easter Fun

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Here are some fun and easy ideas for crafts to make with your family this Easter. Why not send a photo of your creations to the Sunny D team?

Easter Bonnets

Traditionally a new Easter Bonnet was worn on Easter Day. Nowadays it’s fun to make a homemade bonnet from whatever material you have to hand. Use an existing hat and decorate it, or start from scratch. Add cardboard, pipe cleaners, costume jewellery, ribbons, flowers made from coloured paper or tissue paper – anything goes. If you are holding an Easter party, why not give out a prize for the best hats. Serve food and of course lots of delicious Sunny D to drink.

Easter Flower Pot

This makes a great present. Cut an old Sunny D bottle in half and make a few holes in the bottom to allow water to drain out. Decorate using paper and paint to make a pretty plant pot. Fill it up with soil and plant some flower seeds. Add a label giving instructions about watering.

Table Decorations

Make some spring flowers out of multi-coloured paper to decorate the table for your Easter meal. You can stick to a simple design or look on the internet for an origami flower.

Decorate Easter Eggs

Draw a design on an egg and colour it in using felt-tip pens or paint. Add decorations using stickers, glitter, ribbons, rice, pipe cleaners, or whatever you fancy. You can use the traditional method of ‘blowing’ the egg to leave an empty shell. Using a pin, make a small hole in one end of the egg. Then using something larger, like a nail, to make a larger hole at the top of the egg wider. Using a straw blow air into the egg, letting the inside flow out from the larger hole. Do this until the egg is empty. If you find this too difficult, then simply hard boil as many eggs as you need. However the advantage of a blown egg is that it will keep for ever.

Jelly Bean Bracelets

A project for older children as you need a sharp needle. ‘Sew’ together jelly beans by pushing the needle through the centre of the jelly bean. Make several rows and clip together using a safety pin or secure with thread.

Happy Easter Card

As a variation on sending Christmas cards, why not send an Easter card to give your family and friends a lovely surprise. Make cards out of paper or thin card, decorated with an Easter theme like a bunny, Easter egg or spring flowers. Either send the card through the post, or take an Easter photo and send it by email with a special message.

Cotton Wool Bunny

A great activity for very small children. Cut the shape of the Easter bunny from a piece of cupboard like an old cereal box. Add a line of glue then stick cotton wool balls to the glue. Add eyes and a mouth.