Make Mother’s Day special

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Make Mother’s Day special with our ideas for spoiling the mother in your life, and showing your gratitude to her for a job well done.

Make it a special pampering day

Everyone loves being pampered, especially mothers! A voucher for a spa day with a friend is a great present but if you’re on a budget why not have a home spa day? With all the stresses of daily life it’s a great way to unwind. Ask some other mums round for a few hours of indulgence. Put the Sunny D on ice, slap on a face mask, give yourselves pedis and manis, and catch up on the chat.

This coupon can be exchanged for…

‘Promises’ coupons make the perfect Mother’s Day treat. Your kids and partner make coupons which you can exchange when you feel like it! How about - an afternoon entirely alone to spend exactly as you want. A lie-in. Unlimited hugs whenever required. Total control of the remote for one evening. No laundry this week. Or whatever else you’d really like!

Have a family day out

Instead of showering the mother in your life with chocolates and flowers, how about a family day out that she doesn’t have to organise. What could be better? Get together with all the generations – you, your mum, the kids. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be about one mother at a time. There are events on all over the country organised specially for Mother’s Day.

Arrange a staycation

You may not be able to afford Paris for the weekend, but you can still enjoy a little taste of France or anywhere else that’s on your wish list. Buy croissants for breakfast, or make a picnic lunch of baguettes, French cheese and fruit, and a carton of Sunny D. Spread out the picnic rug on the floor, put the music on and practice being on holiday!

Breakfast in bed

The classic start to Mother’s Day, everyone loves the treat of breakfast in bed. Make tray with coffee or tea, a glass of Sunny D, pastries or cereal and other treats. Decorate the tray with flowers and a Mother’s Day card. But don’t serve it up too early!

Blooming marvellous

Bunches of cut flowers are nice but for lasting impact why not plant some flowers. If you don’t have a garden then use a window box or make some planting pots out of Sunny cartons with the top cut off. Buy different of packets of flower seeds. Plant the seeds, water regularly, and wait for them to blossom!