Maybe the Last Barbecue of the Year

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Summer may be drawing to a close but there’s always time for one more barbecue. At Sunny-D we are experts, and we’ve put together a list of tips for how to hold the perfect barbecue party.

The main event

You’ll need a reliable barbecue so that your guests don’t go hungry. Make sure you light it well before they arrive. The coals should have a glowing red colour, and a powder grey surface, to be hot enough to cook on effectively.

Make sure the barbecue is steady so that there is no danger of it tipping over, and place it well away from any flammable furniture.

Never use petrol to light or increase the flame on a barbecue.

You probably need some meat which can be barbequed as it is, or for something a bit more fancy, you can marinade or season the meat overnight. Don’t forget the vegetarians. Veggie burgers and sausages, or grilled halloumi, are great for veggies. Why not include some fish too. Prawns, squid or simple fish steaks will go down a storm.

Be careful when cooking meat, and avoid cross-contamination with other food. Use separate sets of utensils and chopping boards to chop and store cooked and raw meat.

Let red meat rest when you take it off the heat. This allows the juices to reabsorb into the meat and make it more tender and juicer, as well as having a better flavour. It should rest for 10-15 minutes. You can cover it with foil to keep the moisture in. 

Very saucy

Barbecues demand sauces. The classics are of course tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard and mayonnaise, so do provide these for your guests.

Side orders

Have a few bowls of simple salads and bread rolls. Potato salad, green salad, and coleslaw are uncontroversial but you could also serve up some roast vegetables, couscous, or a Greek salad. It’s fine to have paper plates and disposable cutlery which makes the clearing up so much easier Anyway you don’t want your best china outside, and you certainly don’t want even more clearing up when you’ve finally waved off your last guests. You’ll also need paper napkins and plastic or paper glasses.

Snack up

Cooking on a barbecue can be notoriously slow, so your guests may welcome some snacks if they are waiting for the meat to be cooked. Crisps, nuts and olives are always popular. 

Cool summer drinks

Offer a range of drinks, perhaps including a simple punch. A mixture of Sunny-D, tonic water and chunks of fresh fruit, garnished with mint, is a winner at any barbecue. Clear out your fridge in advance so you’ve got plenty of room to store the Sunny-D, and the other drinks. Also have a large container filled with ice so you don’t have to go indoors too often. It helps to have another container to use as a bin.

There you are, the perfect barbecue. Sit back, relax, sip the Sunny-D, and hope for sunshine!