Stuck for ideas this Easter?

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The Sunny D team have come up with some 'egg-cellent' ideas for springtime fun this Easter.

Make a Sunny D Easter Egg

Why not decorate an empty Sunny D bottle as an Easter egg? It makes the perfect base for painting or collage. If you're having an Easter meal with the family, use your Sunny D egg to decorate the table and add spring flowers and leaves.

Throw an Easter Bonnet Celebration

Any excuse for a party! Invite your friends to a fancy-dress party with a difference. Tell everyone to come wearing an Easter bonnet. They can be simple boaters or straw, or home-made creations fashioned from cardboard, pipe cleaners, tissue papers – anything goes. Give out a prize for the best hats. Serve snacks and of course lots of delicious Sunny D to drink.

Decorate Easter Eggs

Hard-boil eggs then decorate them. Use felt-tip pens or crayons to draw a design and colour in, add stickers, or glue and rice or sprinkles. Don't press too hard or you may break the shell. If you are feeling brave you can blow out the egg, leaving only the eggshell. Then it will keep for ever. You may want to varnish the decoration to make it more hard-wearing.

Learn all about Easter

Ever wondered why we celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs? The custom of giving eggs is a celebration of new life. Traditionally dyed and painted eggs were exchanged but these days we exchange chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with little sweets.

Make your own Chocolate Eggs

It's fiddly but it can be done! The easiest way is to buy a kit that has an egg mould. Then you melt chocolate, pour it into the mould and leave it to set.

Send an Easter Card

People send Christmas cards but it's fun to make and send Easter cards too, and surprise people. You can make these out of card or paper, and send them through the post, or take an Easter photo and send it by email with a special message.

Easter Baking

There is lots of special food that we eat at Easter. Try making a Simnel cake, or Hot Cross Buns, traditionally served on Good Friday, or roast lamb on Easter Day.

Adopt an Easter Bunny

Search online for 'adopt a rabbit' and you'll find lots of charities that will match up rabbits that need a good home with kind families willing to take them in. Remember though that a pet is for life, not just for Easter!

Have an Easter Egg hunt

You'll need lots of chocolate eggs of different sizes. Hide them around the house or garden. Good for all ages, everyone loves chocolate. Or make it more complicated and write clues to solve, with a prize at the end. "Follow these clues. If you are wise, you'll reach the end and find the prize!" It will be thirsty work so hide some bottles of Sunny D as well as a treat along the way!