Sunny DIY

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Enjoy the fruity sunshine of Sunny D and then indulge in a bit of Sunny DIY with your family. The Sunny D team has been making all kinds of interesting objects out of Sunny D bottles. Why not try out some of these projects, and let us know what other ideas you come up with!

Make a sunny flower vase or plant pot

Cut the top off a Sunny D bottle, fill up the base with water and flowers for an instant vase of sunshine. Or half fill the bottle with soil, plant a few seeds and wait for them to grow.

Keep the garden bugs away 

Cut the base and top off a Sunny D bottle. Use the ring that remains to protect a growing plant in the garden from pesky slugs and snails.

Message in a bottle

Write a message on a piece of paper. Send the message to your favourite TV personality, or someone on the other side of the world. Put it in a Sunny D bottle and screw the lid back on tightly. Launch the bottle into the sea or on a river and wait to see if you get a reply!

Sunny D paper weight 

Fill a Sunny D bottle with small stones, gravel or sand and put the lid back on. It makes a handy paperweight or door stop. Add a little funshine to your room!

Bird Feeder

Cut small holes in the side of a Sunny D bottle using a sharp knife, or pointed object. Fill the bottle with bird feed which you can buy in a supermarket. Tie string round the neck of the bottle and hang it from a window ledge or tree. This will provide food for birds all year round.

Sunshine Piggy Bank to look after the pennies

Get the sunshine feeling when you save. Enjoy a bottle of fruity Sunny D then cut a slot in the side and use it as a piggy bank to save coins.

Sunny D Racing Car 

Decorate a Sunny D bottle using wheels, fixed with glue or sharp pins, and decorate. Make a fleet of racing cards and you can hold a Sunny D race.

Bring the sunshine to your desk

Cut the top off a Sunny D bottle. Decorate the bottle with stickers and ribbons to make a sunny pen holder. Guaranteed to bring some Florida sunshine to your desk.