Ways to Find Love in 2017

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Is it your new year’s resolution to find The One this year? Follow our five simple tips to make it happen in 2017.

Change your routine

Admit it, you’re never going to meet Mr or Ms Right hanging out at the pub or home watching Strictly. Push yourself to get out there. Join a new gym, volunteer with a local charity, phone a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Look at notices in your local community center to find out about events. It’s great to meet someone who shares your interests and hobbies but why not try out something new in 2017? Always had a secret desire to learn Russian, go kiteboarding or learn to play bezique? Check out evening classes at your local college.

Make technology your friend

If you’ve never tried it, the idea of finding a partner via a computer may seem daunting and even weird. Chuck that old-fashioned view out of the window. Every year more and more people turn to the internet to meet people. It’s now the second most popular way to meet people. There are lots of options. You can sign up to a dating website like match.com or Eharmony, which have more than 3 million members. These require you to write a profile and upload photographs. Some people are put off by the time required, and the expense of a subscription, and are increasingly turning to mobile apps like Tinder. This online dating app helps you find potential matches based on a photograph and their proximity to you.

Find happiness in the workplace

You probably spend most of your life at work so it’s a great place to meet a new partner. If there’s a work happy hour, go along. You’ll meet people that you don’t normally encounter from different departments. A warning, be cautious about a casual encounter. What seems like a great idea after a couple of drinks on Friday evening may seem very different on Monday morning!

Moving on

Make peace with old partners. This doesn’t have to be in real life! But if you’re still carrying the baggage of previous relationships, you’ll never meet the one. Try to let go of feelings of loss, resentment and anger. Think about what you learned from the relationship and move on. Just as importantly, if you still have old flames hanging around, ditch them.

Talk to strangers

Can’t decide whether to indulge in classic Tangy Florida or Smooth California Sunny D? Ask the dishy stranger standing next to you in the supermarket. Yes your mum always told you not to talk to strangers but now you’re an adult the rules have changed. Practice your flirting skills. Start small. If you’re shy, try making eye contact and smiling at first and wait for a response. Pretend that you feel confident even if you don’t. Just get out there!